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Vesta is a newcomer to the co-op scene, and an even more newbie to the radio scene. She joined co-op radio to learn how to make podcasts but ended up being sucked into the wholesomest troupe of co-op aficionados, and is happy to be stuck here.

AORTA: Challenging Oppression, Embracing Inclusivity, the Co-op Way

The Anti-Oppression and Resource Training Alliance (AORTA) is a worker-owned cooperative based in the US. As their title suggests, they work as consultants and facilitators, providing an intersectional approach to workshops, training, and planning for workspaces and organizations looking to fight oppression in their communities. In this episode we talk to Anisha Desai and Jenna [...]

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Co-operative Ride-Sharing with Eva Co-op

Eva ride sharing co-operative launched just 8 weeks ago in Montréal, directly trying to challenge the Uber and Lyft status quo. Unique to Eva is its basis on blockchain and the co-operative model. We had a talk with Dardan Isufi, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, about what these innovative co-operators are trying to achieve. With [...]

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CASC, ACE, and ICA Conference 2019: Co-op Youth, Values, and Branding

In May of 2019, one of our producers headed to this year's Co-operative Conference held jointly by the Canadian Association for Studies in Co-operation (CASC), the Association for Co-operative Education (ACE), and the International Co-operative Association (ICA). In this special episode we get a variety of voices from the conference, with a variety of thoughts on [...]

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From the Archives: Community Currencies

This is an episode of our From the Archives series, where shows that got lost in our private archives now get their chance to shine. Because of the changing nature of time, some information may be outdated.  Where does money come from? What is its inherent value? How can communities create their own local currency, [...]

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Modo Co-op: A Conversation With Patrick Nangle, CEO

Modo is the first car-sharing co-operative in North America, incorporated in 1997 in Vancouver, BC.  It recently had its AGM, where sustainable growth and commitment to its members seemed to be main themes of the night.  In this episode we talk to Modo's CEO, Patrick Nangle, about his journey into the co-op world, what some [...]

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Everything for Everyone: Nathan Schneider and the Sharing Economy

On this episode of Each For All, we talk to Nathan Schneider, author of Everything for Everyone: The Radical Tradition that Is Shaping the Next Economy, about this new book. We go from talking about Nathan's own familial experience in owning a co-op, to the unrecognized role of leadership in co-ops, to youth engagement and [...]

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