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Realize Strategies Coop

In 1998, some folks in BC's social services sector sought a new way of doing things. So they formed a collective called The United Social Services Co-op. Now, with the name changed to Realize Strategies Coop a new team is collaborating with coops, non-profits and social enterprises to improve life in our communities.

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Platform Cooperativism with Nathan Schneider and Stephanie Guico

Each For All host Dale McGladdery explores the world of Platform Cooperativism with Nathan Schneider, one of the organizers on the first conference on Platform Co-ops, and Stephanie Guico, a freelancer and board member of Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada.

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Co-op News for February 28, 2017

News Federated Co-operatives Reports Earnings Drop Federated Co-operatives Limited CEO Scott Banda reported an earnings drop of 16.4 per cent. FCL is the company with the iconic red chevron Co-op signs. It's owned by 203 retail co-operatives across western Canada. This includes Otter Co-op in the Fraser Valley. Banda attributed the decline to a reduction [...]

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