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The Core Neighbourhood Youth Co-op

In 1996, members of Saskatoon's Riversdale neighbourhood created a community-based organization to help youth engage in creative economic activities based on the co-operative principles and environmentalism. Since then, the Core Neighbourhood Youth Co-op has evolved into a program that offers high school credits, skill development, leadership and empowerment. The philosophy of CNYC can best be [...]

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Co-operative News April 14, 1020

Paid Work in BC’s Non-Profit Housing Sector A new Housing Match website has been launched to pair people laid off due to the COVID-19 outbreak and non-profit housing organizations requiring staff to provide essential services. Thanks to the BC Non-Profit Housing Association, Vancity and catalyst Community Developments, this initiative comes at the right time for [...]

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Co-operative News April 8, 2020

Vancity Cuts Credit Card Rates to Zero In a first for any financial institution, Vancity will be temporarily dropping its credit card interest rates to zero percent to help those affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. CEO and President Tamara Vrooman says having access to credit for groceries, medicine and other purchases is critical for many [...]

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Co-ops in the time of COVID – Check-ins with John Kay, Thom Armstrong & Ross Gentleman

This is our monthly checkin for April 7th, 2020. The entire world has changed in the 5 weeks since we last spoke. Tonight we discuss what the present and future holds for co-operatives in the time of COVID. How impactful will this pandemic be on the co-op sector and our world? What can we look forward to?

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