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Abiwin Housing Coop – Pride Week in Ottawa 2022

Abiwin Housing Co-op Pride Abiwin Housing Co-op is a not-for-profit housing co-op located in downtown Ottawa with 98 units. They sum up their history as follows:    "Abiwin was founded by a group of LGBTQ2+ members in the 80s to provide safe and secure housing for the gay & queer community, along with [...]

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ACE guests in studio – Coop Universities w/ Dr. Michelle Stack

Steve, Julien and Robin at the station, LIVE! The Association of Co-operative Educators (ACE) held their annual ACE Institute in Vancouver, BC, in July, 2022. The theme for this year was Sharing our Stories - Racial Justice, Reconciliation & the role they play in Co-operative Education.  We were so happy to host two [...]

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New Brunswick Media Co-op

When a single company, J.D. Irving Limited, with vast interests in forestry, agriculture, food processing, oil and petroleum, transportation and shipbuilding, also owns the major English-language daily newspapers, plus a large number of weeklies, chances are reporting that is critical of its industries and supportive of workers, the environment and human rights, will be scarce. [...]

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