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Matawa Health Co-operative

The Matawa Health Co-operative (MHC) was created in 2017 to enhance existing services provided by the federal and provincial governments to the nine Matawa First Nations in northern Ontario.  This community-driven co-op supports Matawa members, both on reserve and in Thunder Bay. After numerous engagement sessions, members identified three main areas where they needed MHC's [...]

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Saskatoon Community Clinic

The Saskatoon Community Clinic is a health care co-operative that began in 1962 and played a pivotal role in the establishment of medicare in Canada. All of its work is community-driven, delivered by interdisciplinary teams and based on core values including collaboration, accountability, engagement, equity and being people-centered. Member input is welcome and volunteerism is [...]

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Tips for Increasing Youth Involvement in the Co-op Sector

Youth engagement is vital to keeping the co-operative sector healthy and growing for years to come. Early leaders in the movement recognized this long ago and formed co-op camps for young people to introduce co-operative values and leadership opportunities. Such camps and year-round programs continue today, usually sponsored by credit unions and run by provincial [...]

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