Co-operative Ride-Sharing with Eva Co-op

//Co-operative Ride-Sharing with Eva Co-op

Co-operative Ride-Sharing with Eva Co-op

Eva ride sharing co-operative launched just 8 weeks ago in Montréal, directly trying to challenge the Uber and Lyft status quo. Unique to Eva is its basis on blockchain and the co-operative model.

We had a talk with Dardan Isufi, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, about what these innovative co-operators are trying to achieve. With ride sharing coming to BC in September of 2019, they give us the lowdown on the co-op way of ride-sharing already in place in Montréal.

Download their app, find out more at, and follow them on twitter @eva_coop


This episode originally aired on July 9, 2019.

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