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Co-op News for September 27, 2016

News ItemsMountain Equipment Co-op placed number 1 on a list of trusted brands. September 30, 2016: People’s Co-op Bookstore AGM 11 - 13, 2016: The International Summit of Co-operatives, Quebec 16 - 22, 2016: Co-op WeekMonday October 17, 2016: The New Economy movie premiereThe film follows several organizations as they strive towards building [...]

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Urbane Cyclist

During Spring Break 2016 I went to visit family in Toronto and do my first interview for Each for All. That's Reba Plummer, co-executive director of the Urbane Cyclist worker-coop which began in 1997. She's [...]

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Co-op News for September 20, 2016

From tonight's showNews Items:The Hoy Creek Housing Co-op is having problems with the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation Nelson Star reports that people will be moving into the Nelson Commons complex by the end of the month Events:Vancouver SOUP, September 22 People’s Co-op Bookstore AGM, September 30Co-op Week, October 16 - 22Credit Union Day, October [...]

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