Unleashing Renewable Energy and Tackling Food Waste: Earth Day episode 2024

In honour of Earth Day, 2024, hosts Robin Puga and Sandy Goldman explored two critical aspects of the social economy: renewable energy cooperatives and food waste reduction. Our guests, Dr. Martin Boucher and Carla Pellegrini, provided in-depth knowledge and passionate discourse on these topics. Dr. Martin Boucher, President of Community Energy Co-operative Canada [...]

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Home Care Workers Co-op/Community Seniors Co-op

Is there a co-operative solution to seniors aging in place with dignity? And receiving support from staff who are recognized as vital partners deserving of respect and agency? You better believe there is! We first reported on this trend several years ago during the COVID 19 pandemic. Danielle Turpin was a personal support worker assisting [...]

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Empowering Communities on Two Wheels – La Bikery Co-op

In the heart of Moncton, New Brunswick, lies an extraordinary story of community empowerment, sustainable living, and the transformative power of cycling. La Bikery Co-operative, a hub of social economy and cooperative values, has been making impact in making cycling accessible and enjoyable for everyone. I had the pleasure of speaking with Cory Herc, a [...]

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The New Era for Affordable Housing w/ Thom Armstrong

Thom Armstrong, CEO, CHFBC in studio at Vancouver Co-op Radio We had the privilege of hosting Thom Armstrong, CEO of the Co-operative Housing Federation of BC (CHFBC), in studio at Vancouver Co-op Radio. Thom shared insights into the transformative developments and ambitious projects underway in the co-operative housing sector in British Columbia. Topics [...]

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Battle River Railway Co-op: a Journey to Local Empowerment

Matthew Enright, GM In this episode of Each For All: The Co-operative Connection, host Robin Puga sits down with Matthew Enright, the General Manager of the Battle River Railway Co-operative (BRR). BRR is based out of Forestburg, Alberta about 300 km northeast of Calgary.  This unique co-operative is an example of local empowerment [...]

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ANAK Publishing Worker Co-op

ANAK Publishing Worker Cooperative Ltd. is based in Winnipeg and is the 2023 recipient of The Co-operative Achievement Award by the Manitoba Cooperative Association. (MCA).  ANAK's vision and accomplishments to date are best captured by MCA. "ANAK Publishing produces thought provoking Filipino-Canadian content; bringing together authors, educators, students and readers to bridge cross-cultural understanding. It [...]

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Manitoba Cooperative Association

The Manitoba Cooperative Association (MCA) views cooperatives as leaders in building a strong economy and a healthy, socially vibrant province. MCA's mission is "to enhance and support the development of a united, growing and influential cooperative community in Manitoba." From the days of the wheat pools to the Indigenous fisheries cooperatives of today, Manitoba has [...]

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Niagara Nutrition Partners

From its mission statement: "Niagara Nutrition Partners (NNP) is committed to supporting sustainable nutrition programs for all school age children in the Niagara Region through the involvement and participation of all community partners in order to maximize healthy child/youth development." NNP has been co-ordinating school and community-based food programs since 1998. At this time, more [...]

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Feeding Local Communities with the help of FirstOntario Credit Union

The person delivering farm fresh apples to a local school is just one of many the Blue Wave Volunteers organized by FirstOntario Credit Union. This financial co-operative, serving communities in the Hamilton/Niagara region, has made a long-standing commitment to ensuring children and youth have healthy breakfasts and snacks to carry them throughout the day. Since [...]

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The Make House: Stitching a Co-operative Future in Victoria, BC

In the heart of Victoria, British Columbia, a remarkable transformation story has been threaded by The Make House. What started as a 10-year-old sole proprietorship blossomed into a worker co-operative in December 2022. Host Robin Puga had an enlightening conversation with Tanya King, Studio Manager and Board Vice-President, unraveling the journey behind this creative pivot. [...]

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