Rotating Savings and Credit Associations

A Rotating Savings and Credit Association (ROSCA) is a group of individuals who act as an alternative financial institution. Each person contributes money towards a common fund, and the funds rotate through members at regular intervals. The member who borrows the funds will eventually repay their portion back into the association so the next member [...]

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Vancouver’s East End Food Co-op Closing

On April 15/22, news broke that Vancouver's  East End Food Co-op (EEFC) will be closing its Commercial Drive storefront on May 15 after 50 years of serving the community. The co-op itself will remain in place for the time being. Its future will be discussed at the AGM in June. You can show your support [...]

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Westman Communications Group

Westman Communications Group is a consumer co-op that formed in 1977 to bring cable television to southwestern Manitoba and since then has grown to serve 54 rural communities and 25,000 members. Its head office is in Brandon. Besides offering all the latest technology from high-speed internet, TV, streaming and phone services, the co-op ensures its [...]

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Mornington Communications Co-operative

Mornington has been serving rural residents in Perth County, Ontario, since 1919. It began as a municipal telephone system using operators and party lines. In 1964 direct dial technology came on board and in 1994, Mornington Municipal Telephone System became Mornington Communications Co-operative. With a head office in Milverton and satellite offices in Stratford, Wellesley [...]

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Ukrainian Agricultural Co-ops in Crisis! / Canadian Co-op Sector Update

Agricultural production cannot be disrupted mid-season, mid-process. Farmers are tied to their land and animals. So what happens to agricultural co-ops during war? Sofia Burtak and Iryna Volovyk, co-op developers with Ukraine's Coop Academy, explain what is has been like on the ground. This interview was recorded on March 1 with Sara Vicari of [...]

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International Women’s Day! CDF staff in Ukraine / BCCA newcomers program

On International Women's Day, there is war in Ukraine and the world is realizing what that means for us all, for gender equality and for the co-operative movement.  CDF programs in Ukraine The Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada has staff in the Ukraine working on the project Supporting Economic Prosperity for Women and Internally Displaced [...]

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War in Ukraine! Housing sector update from CHFBC

When Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022, we reached out to members of the Ukrainian Canadian community for their reaction and guidance as to what all of us, as members of civil society, could do to make a difference. Eugene Lupynis, board member of the Ukrainian Community Society of Ivan Franko in Richmond, B.C. [...]

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A Place to Call Home: Stories of Black Canadians (Housing Central panel)

On February 15th, our friends at Housing Central hosted a panel discussion titled “A Place to Call Home: Stories of Black Canadians”. We at Each For All are grateful to share this educational discussion with you, our listeners. Panelists Selwyn Jacob, Deborah Dobbins, Rachael Otukol, and El Jones shared a powerful, challenging and enlightening discussion.  [...]

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Dr. Jennifer Wolowic on Strengthening Democracy

When this aired Canada was in its third week of the convoy protests in Ottawa and across the nation. People in Canada were beside themselves witnessing the unlawful events and the openly displayed symbols of hate and racism. This isn't the democracy we know and love. With all the frustration and confusion we wanted to [...]

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Jessica Gordon-Nembhard on Racial Justice and Co-operatives

Each For All: The Co-operative Connection is pleased to bring you the keynote speech from this past year’s CASC conference - Dr. Jessica Gordon-Nembhard speaks on Racial Justice and Co-operatives. The Canadian Association for Studies in Co-operation or CASC is a multidisciplinary network of researchers and practitioners whose work involves co-operatives and co-operation.  It is [...]

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