Co-operative Games

We devoted this show to bringing people together in a spirit of co-operation, community and fun!  Two special folks are our guides as to the world of co-operative games.

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Top Co-op Issues 2018 / A Silent Transformation

Public awareness of the co-operative business model continues to be top of mind for co-operators across Canada. What better way to share the power of co-ops than through film? Tonight we take a deep dive into this theme.

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Paper Sessions: CASC 2018 – CASC Preview, Trends in Credit Union Mergers, & The Case of Prairie Dog Magazine

This show is our first in depth look at the 2018 CASC Conference that took place at the University of Regina from May 30th to June 1st, 2018.

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CASC Showcase: CASC 101 / Walmart & Nicaraguan Farm Co-ops / Fairtrade Co-ops

In this show Each For All host Dale McGladdery discusses Fair Trade co-ops with Professor Darryl Reed of York University, and the impact of Walmart on farmer co-ops in Nicaragua with Dr. Sara Elder, Mitacs Canadian Science Policy Fellow.

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Co-operative Congress 2018 Preview

The Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada (CMC) fifth annual Co-operative Congress is taking place in Victoria, British Columbia, June 19–21, 2018. Host Sandy Goldman gets an overview of the Co-Op Congress from Paul Cabaj, the CMC Manager of Co-operative Development and Strategic Partnerships.

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Cooperative Federalism

What is "cooperative federalism" and how does it impact the Trans Mountain pipeline? BC based aboriginal and constitutional lawyer Jack Woodward explains.

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Ontario Co-operative Association

Our friends at the Ontario Co-op Association are a wonderful crew of co-operators. We met up for a lengthy discussion of the exciting work they do to support co-ops in their province. Have a listen.

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ZooShare (North America’s 1st Zoo-Biogas Plant)

ZooShare, a unique project that will soon be helping convert animal manure, or poo, from the Toronto Zoo and food waste from grocery stores into fertilizer and renewable power for the Ontario grid. We spoke with Daniel Bida, the executive director of ZooShare, to get the full poop, pun intended, on the project.

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Vancouver Renewable Energy Co-operative (VREC)

Renewable energy projects have been going on here in Vancouver for a number of years, thanks to the Vancouver Renewable Energy Co-operative, VREC. Vancouver Renewable Energy sells, installs and provides consulting services for renewable energy systems.

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Senator Moncion on Co-ops

Our producer Paul MacDonald recently spoke with Senator Lucie Moncion about what is going on federally with co-operatives, and what can be done to support credit unions and co-ops at the federal level.

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