The Aron Theatre Co-operative

//The Aron Theatre Co-operative

The Aron Theatre Co-operative

What does a small town do when its single-screen movie house is about to close? Turn it into a dollar store? Say “that was then, this is now?” Stay home and watch Netflix?

Have a listen as the folks in Campbellford, Ontario share an alternative scenario – one rooted in community-building, volunteerism and civic pride.

“Be part of the fun” at The Aron Theatre Co-operative.

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About the Author:

I love radio and pursue stories about people and communities working together to solve challenges creatively and often, with a lot of heart. It's the human side of the co-op model that intrigues me. That and any chance to travel, especially to smaller locales, where folks seem to know that co-operating just makes good sense!

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