Top Co-op Issues/The Youth Excellence Society

//Top Co-op Issues/The Youth Excellence Society

Top Co-op Issues/The Youth Excellence Society

Our June 13/17 show featured two very interesting and related topics.

First, we discussed the results of a survey that asked a cross section of Canadian co-operators what are the top issues facing you today? The research, conducted by the Centre for the Study of Co-operatives at the University of Saskatchewan, pointed to public awareness as the greatest concern.

Darcy Overland, research manager at the Centre, expanded on the respondents’ feedback, compared results to a 2016 survey and elaborated on actions that might be taken to address these concerns going forward.

For more information and a detailed blog post entitled:

Top Co-op Issues – Action ItemsFeb. 21/17 go to:


Then we focused on youth engagement, a perennial issue in the University of Saskatchewan survey.

We were joined by staff and young folk from The Youth Excellence Society or The YES, for a lively discussion of their leadership programs and summer camps on Lake Cowichan sponsored by credit unions across BC!

The hope is that young participants will return to their communities and perhaps become future leaders.

From what we heard this evening, the camp experience can strengthen self-awareness, resilience, communication skills, build friendships and give insight into how cooperatives work.

And the food is great!

For more information about The Youth Excellence Society go to:

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