Senator Moncion on Co-ops

//Senator Moncion on Co-ops

Senator Moncion on Co-ops

What’s Happening on the federal scene with Co-ops: Each for All’s Interview with Sen. Lucie Moncion

Tonight’s program

Our producer Paul MacDonald recently spoke with Senator Lucie Moncion about what is going on federally with co-operatives, and what can be done to support credit unions and co-ops at the federal level.

Our interview with the senator included a discussion of how credit unions and co-ops can better have their voice heard in Ottawa, both in the Senate and in government. Sen. Moncion noted that it was important that co-ops make it clear to the government that they are big contributors to the economy and hundreds of communities across Canada. Co-ops, she says, need to toot their horns in Ottawa.

We talked with Senator Moncion about how she first got involved with credit unions and co-operatives, and what drew her to this sector.

Paul talked with Sen. Moncion from her office in Ottawa.

Sen. Lucie Moncion

From the website –

Lucie Moncion, a Franco-Ontarian, was appointed to the Senate in 2016 by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. She has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a specialization in co-op administration from Laurentian University in Sudbury and an MBA from Moncton University.

Senator Moncion has extensive knowledge and expertise in the co-op sector as well as vast practical experience in Franco-Ontarian communities. She was behind the creation of the Government of Ontario’s tripartite caucus on co-operatives and social finance. She was also the President and Chair of the Board of Cooperatives and Mutuals Canada. 

Other Interesting Facts

  • Senator Moncion is the first woman in Canada to be appointed as head of a Caisse Populaire federation. But she started as a cashier, or teller, at an Ontario credit union.
  • Senator Moncion was the President and Chief Executive Officer of a major caisse populaire in Ontario for 16 years.
  • She is in a unique position in the Canadian Senate, with her decades of experience with credit unions and co-ops.
  • Senator Moncion has a deep understanding of Ontario’s francophone minority, and an in-depth knowledge of Northern Ontario, its economy, business climate, needs and communities, and has recognized experience in the co-operatives and social entrepreneurship sector.
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