Cooperative Federalism

//Cooperative Federalism

Cooperative Federalism

The federal government is buying the Trans Mountain pipeline in order to get Alberta oil to tidewater in what it says is “the national interest.”

British Columbia is asking the court whether it can regulate the product in that pipeline – diluted bitumen-  as it defends its environment.

Some First Nations support the twinning of the pipeline and others have gone to court over environmental and consultation concerns.

It seems the state of our Canadian federation is in turmoil over this pipeline expansion.

But does it really have to be this way? I asked a special guest to explain the alternative – “cooperative federalism.”

Jack Woodward is a BC based aboriginal and constitutional lawyer. Have a listen to our May 22/18 discussion (*before feds announced TMX purchase)

Jack Woodward

Jack Woodward

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  • Confederation Song
    Sung by Evan Ng and Jasper for their 2015 Social Studies Project
    Music and Rap Lyrics – Evan Ng and Jasper
    Song Lyrics – Shawna Audet and The Overlanders
  • That’s Cooperation -Big Bird and Sesame Street Friends
  • Mama Let Him Play – Jerry Doucette


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