Co-op News for May 29, 2018

//Co-op News for May 29, 2018

Co-op News for May 29, 2018


Mountain Equipment Co-op gets involved with scientific expeditions

Canadian outdoor retailer Mountain Equipment Co-op, or MEC, is working with The Royal Canadian Geographical Society to kit out a series of important explorations.

The expeditions will include journeys to remote cave systems, rivers and mountains, will be clothed and equipped by MEC, which was founded in 1971 by a group of west coast mountaineers,

As Canada’s largest co-op by membership, MEC says it is committed to sustainability, community and the stewardship of wild places.

The society and MEC will work on seven expeditions, including one to explore and map out Canada’s deepest caves, which are located on a remote plateau in B.C.


Community Investment Co-op for East Kootenays?

Kimberley residents may soon be able to invest in and access a Community Investment Co-op within the East Kootenay-Columbia area.

Town mayor Don McCormick received a request for the City to participate by signing a Memorandum of Understanding and providing a financial contribution of $2500.

A Community Investment Co-op is a for-profit Co-operative that raises capital from local residents, and then invests this capital in area businesses. CIC’s give residents the opportunity to move a portion of their investment portfolios into the places they live, work, and play. This enables residents to become partners in locally driven economic development, which leads to stronger and more sustainable economies.

Loans would be given out to local businesses to start up, expand, and basically to contribute to the success of the community, McCormick said. “The general feeling is that a ton of money is put into RRSP’s every year by British Columbians and, for the most part, all of that money goes elsewhere,” McCormick said.


Credit Union contributes to bank—a foodgrains bank that is

Ontario’s Kindred Credit Union has donated $10,000 to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank to support efforts to end hunger around the world.

The donation will be shared across 11 growing projects in the region, sites that were selected by Kindred branch staff.

Growing projects are an innovative way to raise funds. Fostering a sense of community spirit, and working in co-operation and collaboration, groups of local volunteer farmers plant, tend, and harvest a crop. Proceeds from the sale of the crop are then donated to the Foodgrains Bank, which supports the organization’s work to end hunger around the world.

Last year, 116 growing projects in Ontario contributed $1.6 million to the work of ending global hunger through the Foodgrains Bank.



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