Co-op News for October 23, 2018

//Co-op News for October 23, 2018

Co-op News for October 23, 2018

Columbia Valley Credit Union votes for a strike

Following bargaining between B.C.’s Columbia Valley Credit Union and the USW union local, the two parties have reached an impasse.

After meeting with the membership in Golden, B.C., a 100 per cent strike vote was returned in an overwhelming mandate to the union local.

The issues at stake include wages and benefit parity with credit unions in the Kootenay/Columbia region, along with improved vacation flexibility and inclusion in the BC Central One Pension Plan.

The union’s bargaining committee is weighing their options. These include serving 72-hour strike notice and participating in mediation with a BC Labour Relations Board-appointed mediator.

Summit 107 FM: Columbia Valley Credit Union Votes 100% In Favour of Strike

Otter Co-op CEO named CEO of the year

Otter Co-op CEO Jack Nicholson has been named Business in Vancouver’s CEO of the year in the large-company category.

The key to being a great leader, he said in an interview, is to be supportive of staff and to have an open-door policy. He is aware that many people think that the CEO has to be the brains behind key corporate initiatives. But he does not necessarily agree.

“You have to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you,” Nicholson said. “Then make sure that you, as the CEO, are giving them the resources that they need to get their job done.”

Otter Co-op, which is based in Aldergrove in the Fraser Valley, has 17 stores in B.C. Founded in 1922, the co-op now has more than 32,000 active members.

BIV: 2018 BC CEO Awards: Jack Nicholson

Coastal Community Credit Union partners with Modo

Carshare provider Modo Co-op and Coastal Community Credit Union will soon share more than co-operative principles. The two co-ops are launching a partnership which will benefit members of both organizations while building support for more sustainable, multi-modal transportation options on Vancouver Island.

Coastal Community said it is excited to join as a Business Member.

Modo serves Vancouver Island with 75 shared vehicles in Greater Victoria and Nanaimo. To make carsharing even more accessible and affordable, the credit union is offering Coastal Community members a 50 percent subsidy on the $500 refundable share-deposit required to join Modo as a share-holding member, plus free $50 of drive time. There is also an option to join as a Monthly Member, without the requirements of a share-deposit.

MODO: Modo & CCCU partner together to increase sustainable transportation

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