Ross Gentleman, CCEC

//Ross Gentleman, CCEC

Ross Gentleman, CCEC


On tonights show we have:

  • Ross Gentleman – BSc in math and an MBA
  • involved in financial institution regulation for 16 years
  • involved in managing a not-for-profit Tradeworks Training Society for eight years.
  • worked with co-ops and credit unions around B.C.
  • past treasurer Vision Vancouver’s Ross Gentleman

  • CCEC is a self described radical activist credit union on Commercial Drive and it’s General Manager is Ross Gentleman.

Topics included:

– History of CCEC; the when/why/how it all got started; did it receive any assistance in getting started; who were the first members

At first, CCEC did not pay interest on deposits. Instead, loans were available to community groups at below-market rates of interest. Depositors enjoyed lower-cost goods and services from the groups rather than benefitting directly through interest payments. For example, if the food co-op received a loan at rates below market, the savings were passed along to credit union members through lower prices at the food co-op. The founding members of CCEC described the process as “group solutions to individual problems.”

Community Congress for Economic Change – incorporated from The Lower Mainland Community Congress for Economic Change Society

-How has this model been viewed by others starting credit unions?

– Structure of the organization today; how many members; how does one become a member; when is the AGM; are there committees; etc

-What is the demographic profile of your membership? Age, income

– Impact of the organization in the community and beyond; special stories about it’s impact; connection to Co-op Radio

Loan Guarantee Fund

Housing Co-op Services
– Co-op Housing Investment Pool (CHIP) accounts 

– What are the struggles / risks for a small community credit union in Vancouver, BC?

– What are the plans for CCEC in the future? What opportunities excite you for CCEC?

– How did you become the General Manager of CCEC? What made you choose to work in a community credit union?

Music included in show:

  • Pink Floyd – Money
  • Leo Moran & Anthony Thistlewaite 
  • Hot Hot Heat – You Owe Me An IOU

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