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Ontario Co-operative Association

In 2016 when I was in Toronto and had just begun producing programs for Each For All, I phoned the Ontario Co-operative Association to see what was happening on the co-op scene there. That’s when I first met co-op developer Peter Cameron. He was friendly, enthusiastic and gave me some great leads that eventually became stories on our show like Urbane Cyclist Worker Coop and Zooshare Biogas Coop.

In April 2018, I was back east again and this time went to meet Peter and Executive Director Erin Morgan, at their offices in Guelph, west of Toronto.

Lead Cultivate Connect – that’s their motto. It guides the whole team in helping to promote and develop co-ops across Ontario. Have a listen.


Co-operative Education Centre 

All For Each – Curriculum for High School Students





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I love radio and pursue stories about people and communities working together to solve challenges creatively and often, with a lot of heart. It's the human side of the co-op model that intrigues me. That and any chance to travel, especially to smaller locales, where folks seem to know that co-operating just makes good sense!

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