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Manitoba Cooperative Association

The Manitoba Cooperative Association (MCA) views cooperatives as leaders in building a strong economy and a healthy, socially vibrant province. MCA’s mission is “to enhance and support the development of a united, growing and influential cooperative community in Manitoba.”

From the days of the wheat pools to the Indigenous fisheries cooperatives of today, Manitoba has long been a place where people know the value of working together to solve problems.

Some proud Manitoba coops we’ve featured are NorWest Co-op Community Health, the Westman Communications Group, and Peg City Car Co-op, all enriching the lives of their members and their local communities. Our latest report is on ANAK Publishing Worker Co-operative.

Supporting these co-ops, and all co-ops across Manitoba is Vera Goussaert, Executive Director of MCA and a passionate advocate for the co-operative difference. Have a listen.

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I love radio and pursue stories about people and communities working together to solve challenges creatively and often, with a lot of heart. It's the human side of the co-op model that intrigues me. That and any chance to travel, especially to smaller locales, where folks seem to know that co-operating just makes good sense!

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