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ANAK Publishing Worker Co-op

Winnipeg's Filipino Health Professionals - Book cover

ANAK Publishing Worker Cooperative Ltd. is based in Winnipeg and is the 2023 recipient of The Co-operative Achievement Award by the Manitoba Cooperative Association. (MCA).  ANAK’s vision and accomplishments to date are best captured by MCA.

“ANAK Publishing produces thought provoking Filipino-Canadian content; bringing together authors, educators, students and readers to bridge cross-cultural understanding. It believes in building important social capital for its members and the community. Founded in 2010 to address the cultural gap in educational resources, ANAK produces quality work notably in oral history, children’s literature and creative writing anthologies.

ANAK Publishing is an affiliate of the non-profit organization Aksyon Ng Ating Kabataan (ANAK) and supports its
mandate to share, learn and preserve Filipino-Canadian heritage and culture through resource, education and mentorship.

To date, it has produced nine original publications and continues to work towards diversifying Canada’s literary landscape; establishing itself in the broader discussion of Canadian identity and diversity by working with educators and advocates in literacy and multiculturalism.”

Daisydee Bautista, manager and worker-owner at ANAK Publishing explains. Have a listen.

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