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Boomerang Co-op Montreal

A brewery, a bakery and a worker co-op are collaborating to reduce food waste in Montreal. Boomerang Co-op takes the spent grain from the brewery, which is usually trucked off to landfill or farms, and instead dries it and mills it into flour for use by the bakery. The flour is high in fibre, protein and minerals and adds great texture and taste to baked goods.

Although small scale at this point, Boomerang’s innovation is an example of young co-operators participating in the circular economy to solve environmental challenges while connecting local producers and consumers.

Imagine if similar synergies were created across Canada? Considering the tremendous growth in microbreweries and the fact that one pint of beer produces the same amount of spent grain, what is now ending up in landfills producing greenhouse gases, could instead provide nutritious and delicious baked goods locally. And consumers increasingly want local products. It’s a win-win all around!

Co-founder Alexis Galand, seen below milling the spent grain, explains. Have a listen.

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