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Peg City Car Co-op

“Way cheaper than owning a car!” That’s the motto of the Peg City Car Co-op in Winnipeg. This co-op began with three cars in June 2011 and now, on the cusp of its 10-year anniversary, has a fleet 60 vehicles, in 11 neighbourhoods and more than 2,000 members. Peg City not only provides car sharing, but works on educating the public about the sustainable and eco-friendly outcomes of having fewer driver-owned vehicles on the road. All while providing a safe, reliable and inclusive service for people of different age groups, situations and means.

Peg City also maintains and grows its local community presence. This has lead to partnerships with businesses, government and the University of Winnipeg to make car sharing feasible and desirable.

In order to expand its fleet, Peg City recently offered and sold out of tax refundable investment shares through the Province Of Manitoba’s Community Enterprise Development Tax Credit Program. The co-op raised $600,000 from shares in $100 increments of which 45% gets returned as a tax credit. This kind of member and government support is a win-win for folks who care about the environment and using the co-operative business model to drive change.

Have a listen as Philip Mikulec, managing director, explains.


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