BCIT’s Co-operatives and Community Development

//BCIT’s Co-operatives and Community Development

BCIT’s Co-operatives and Community Development

Tonight we hosted the entire class from BCIT’s post-secondary course Co-operatives and Community Development at Co-op Radio for a station orientation and a few for an interview. This course is part of BCIT’s  Advanced Sustainable Business Leadership Program.

Students from BCIT

We spoke with the class’s teacher Tracey Kliesch about the class and her expereince as the general manager of CCEC Credit Union. Later we heard from the students of the class.  Kim, James, Monica and Ester discussed the following topics:

  • What interested you in this course? Why are you taking the SBL Sustainable Business Leadership – Advanced Certificate?
  • Are you working on a Capstone Project? What’s it about? Different teams?
  • How do you define sustainability?
  • What are the challenges to a sustainable business community?
  • Why are co-operatives important?
  • How do you describe co-operatives and what you’re learning to your friends and family?

Listen in and find out what is driving students today to find sustainable and co-operative solutions to their working lives.

Cooperative and Community Development

Cooperative and Community Development course is designed to provide students with the specific knowledge and skills they will need to be able to participate meaningfully and effectively at leadership level in the decision-making, management and entrepreneurial processes of cooperatives and social enterprises.

The students will learn how to develop the capacity in both communities and individuals to aid in their economic, social and sustainable development.

This course provides a foundation for Capstone Projects focused on the community and its development both locally and internationally.


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About the Author:

Host and executive producer Robin Puga has been with Each For All from its beginning in 2006. Robin studied at the British Columbia Institute of Co-operative Studies (BCICS) and is active in the co-op community. In addition to working in the technology sector he’s a founding member of the CanTrust worker co-op and previous board member of the BC Co-op Association.

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