Each For All host Dale McGladdery explores the world of Platform Cooperativism with Nathan Schneider, one of the organizers on the first conference on Platform Co-ops, and Stephanie Guico, a freelancer and board member of Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada.

Our thanks to Erin Hancock of the Co-operative Management Education program at Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, for the guest introductions.

Show Notes:

01:57 – Nathan Schneider

Nathan Schneider is a scholar-in-residence of media studies at the University of Colorado Boulder. His interest in co-op economics lead him to co-organize the first conference of platform co-ops with Trebor Schultz. Schneider and Scholtz have published a book on platform co-ops named “Ours to Hack and to Own”.

35:38 –Stéphanie Guico

Stéphanie Guico is a freelance co-op consultant and board member of Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada. She has an extensive background with co-ops and platform co-ops. Stéphanie and Dale discuss platform co-ops in Quebec.