Prairie Co-ops Fight 4th Wave One Conversation At A Time

//Prairie Co-ops Fight 4th Wave One Conversation At A Time

Prairie Co-ops Fight 4th Wave One Conversation At A Time

In Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Delta variant is taking an increasing toll on the lives of residents and the health care system. Elective surgeries, diagnostics, transplants and other treatments, all considered life-saving, are being put on hold as patients, largely unvaccinated, are flooding intensive care beds, only freeing up capacity when one of them dies.

Vaccine hesitancy is rampant in the rural parts of these provinces. But it is also the case for many of the most marginalized, disenfranchised, impoverished residents of Saskatoon and Edmonton. Why is this the case? And what can be done to assist and save lives?

We reached out to fellow co-operators on the front lines of 4th wave to share their efforts and hopes for their communities.

Lisa Clatney is the Executive Director of the Saskatoon Community Clinic, a health co-op serving the downtown and core areas.

Yvonne Chui is the Executive Director of the Multicultural Health Brokers Co-op, a worker co-op in Edmonton supporting immigrants and refugees.

Both co-ops have been featured in past episodes of our program. Their work is invaluable and we thank them. Have a listen.


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