Each For All 2020 – Year in Review

//Each For All 2020 – Year in Review

Each For All 2020 – Year in Review

Each For All has been a wild ride this year with many interesting stories. Join us for 57 minutes to catch up on what happened with the co-operative sector in 2020, from co-operative’s response to the global pandemic to Canada’s iconic  Mountain Equipment Co-op demutualizing. 

The gang is all here: 

  • Sandy, pursuing stories about people and communities working together to solve challenges creatively and often, with a lot of heart.
  • Vesta, who believes worker co-ops are a tiny oasis in the midst of a capitalist desert, and is passionate about utilizing the co-op format as a force for good.
  • Josh, the least likely member to get behind the microphone, however Josh’s skills at the sound board or editing are magic. 
  • Dale, who came from the podcasting world to explore an interest in radio and happily discovered the world of co-ops hiding in plain sight.  
  • And Robin, who takes principle 5 to a fault. 

We could not have produced the amazing content we did this year without the massive investment of volunteer time from our team. Special thanks to Sandy for covering the timely stories hitting co-op sector during COVID and to Josh for their epic editing skills that produced so much radio.

Music: Shirley Serban’s “Lockdown” (relyriced from Petula Clark’s “Downtown”) 

This ended up being a bit longer than our usual retrospectives so tune in next week for our wrap up, including MEC demutualizing.  

Thank you for listening! We would not be here without your support! 

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About the Author:

Host and executive producer Robin Puga has been with Each For All from its beginning in 2006. Robin studied at the British Columbia Institute of Co-operative Studies (BCICS) and is active in the co-op community. In addition to working in the technology sector he’s a founding member of the CanTrust worker co-op and previous board member of the BC Co-op Association.

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