Advocating for Co-ops/Vote Housing

//Advocating for Co-ops/Vote Housing

Advocating for Co-ops/Vote Housing

We spoke with Dan Brunette, Director of Advocacy and Partnerships with Co-ops and Mutuals Canada about CMC’s work to raise awareness of the co-operative model with the federal government.  He offered several ideas that can be used by anyone who would like to leverage the current election period as means to raise co-op awareness, through effective grassroots advocacy activities.

1) Seize opportunities to ask the simple question : “What is your party’s position towards co-operatives and mutuals?”

2) Share co-op links and forward comments from speeches, questions & answers periods, and social media posts to Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada ( and your provincial and/territorial association.

3) Familiarize yourself with current priorities and share them with candidates.

 The Map of Co-operatives and Mutuals in Canada.  And also participate in the Co-ops and Covid 19 survey.


We also had a lengthy discussion with Thom Armstrong, CEO of the Co-operative Housing Federation of BC, about the Vote Housing campaign which offers lots of strategies to advocate for deeply affordable housing and an end to homelessness.

Have a listen.

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