A Place to Call Home: Stories of Black Canadians (Housing Central panel)

//A Place to Call Home: Stories of Black Canadians (Housing Central panel)

A Place to Call Home: Stories of Black Canadians (Housing Central panel)

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On February 15th, our friends at Housing Central hosted a panel discussion titled “A Place to Call Home: Stories of Black Canadians”. We at Each For All are grateful to share this educational discussion with you, our listeners. Panelists Selwyn Jacob, Deborah Dobbins, Rachael Otukol, and El Jones shared a powerful, challenging and enlightening discussion. 

We are in the last week of Black History Month in Canada, in the USA and around the world. This is a time to learn about and honour Black legacies and communities. For a lot of us it is also a time to reflect on racial inequities, their roots and our hopes for a fairer future. A time to challenge ourselves and our communities to do better. 

The theme for the discussion is Stories of Black Canadians: Their Challenges and Their Lasting Legacy. This is the epic history of Black Canadians we need to hear to understand the systemic racism that impacts their lives and the displacement (“unsettlement”) that plagues their communities. 

There was so much new information to consume in this discussion and so much history we had no idea about. This will give you a better understanding of the challenges people continue to have in the face of racism from hundreds of years ago to today. The limitations faced, the sense of not belonging, the challenges for advancement…from these lessons we can see the broader perspective of what our journey of decolonization entails. The challenge is still before us; now more than ever as we cleanup the mess of the last month in Ottawa and across this country.  

Our sincere thanks to Housing Central for its permission to broadcast this panel presentation. Please visit their website https://housingcentral.ca


Music included Canadian jazz legend Oscar Peterson with Dream of You


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