Tips for Increasing Youth Involvement in the Co-op Sector

//Tips for Increasing Youth Involvement in the Co-op Sector

Tips for Increasing Youth Involvement in the Co-op Sector

Youth engagement is vital to keeping the co-operative sector healthy and growing for years to come. Early leaders in the movement recognized this long ago and formed co-op camps for young people to introduce co-operative values and leadership opportunities. Such camps and year-round programs continue today, usually sponsored by credit unions and run by provincial co-op associations. Maintaining a connection with youth is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic and the camps have ensured young people continue to be involved and heard.

Victoria Morris, Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Co-op Association, is passionate about youth engagement. She’s looked at best practices and found that Irish credit unions have done great work to attract young members, staff and elected officials. Have a listen as she explains how lessons from Ireland can be applied to co-operatives here.

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