Community Media – Community Radio w/ Freya Zaltz

//Community Media – Community Radio w/ Freya Zaltz

Community Media – Community Radio w/ Freya Zaltz

Freya Zaltz

The elusive Freya Zaltz, who has few photos online however has a massive impact on the radio.

It was great to catch up with friend of the station, friend of the show and friend to all community radio stations in Canada, Freya Zaltz. In addition to working for the BC Ministry of the Attorney General, Freya also continues to serve as Regulatory Affairs Director for the National Campus & Community Radio Association (NCRA) for the last 18 years. 

In our conversation we catch up on a variety of community media topics: 

  • National Campus & Community Radio Association (NCRA) covers: 
    • incorporated, not for profit organizations or society 
    • Must have board of directors who are volunteer
    • Community representation and input 
    • Offer community access
  • Online broadcasters, independent podcasters can just do what ever they want.
  • Interweaving of activities with podcasters and CRTC
  • Federal Government is rewriting the Telecommunications and Broadcasting Act. There is a serious gap in Internet content and regulating it. Internet broadcasters making lots of money and not sharing any profits with initiatives.
    • Bill had first reading, not second reading yet. At some point there will be new legislation at which time the way the CRTC works will change.
  • Community Radio Fund of Canada – foundation created to benefit Campus and Community Radio stations – they dispense money to community radio stations for project work.
    • There is a Campus and Community Radio policy
    • You can see from reading the committee decisions how they interpret the acts policies
  • What is the correct definition for Community Media? Public, Private, Independent and Community elements of the radio sector 
    • We need this definition to know whom to apply
    • Importance in a democracy to give people access 

Our sincere thanks for Freya’s time and all the efforts to help campus and community radio stations thrive in Canada. We all owe a debt to her support and service at community radio stations in Canada. 


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