Empowering Communities on Two Wheels – La Bikery Co-op

//Empowering Communities on Two Wheels – La Bikery Co-op

Empowering Communities on Two Wheels – La Bikery Co-op

In the heart of Moncton, New Brunswick, lies an extraordinary story of community empowerment, sustainable living, and the transformative power of cycling. La Bikery Co-operative, a hub of social economy and cooperative values, has been making impact in making cycling accessible and enjoyable for everyone. I had the pleasure of speaking with Cory Herc, a board member of La Bikery, to dive into the journey and impact of this vibrant nonprofit, bilingual, community-driven bike shop.

Board members of La Bikery in planning session

Board members of La Bikery in planning session

Introducing Cory Herc, Board Member 

Cory Herc, with lengthy experience in community development and empowerment, has helped steer La Bikery towards its mission of facilitating access to cycling for its community. 

“One of the big things that we’ve seen, especially over the last few years, was that realization that community and human connection is one of the crucial things that keeps us feeling good about life.” – Cory Herc

This powerful statement captures the essence of La Bikery’s mission and its success. It’s a reminder of the profound impact community-driven initiatives can have on our lives and the world around us.

Conversation Highlights

  • Origins and Mission: La Bikery’s roots trace back to a group of dedicated cyclists, aiming to replicate the accessible, community-centric bike co-ops they experienced in larger cities. Their mission? To lower barriers to cycling in terms of cost, access, and social belonging.

  • Expanding the Cycling Community: Cory shares insights into Moncton’s growing cycling scene, thanks in part to La Bikery’s efforts to promote biking as a viable mode of transportation across the sprawling city landscape.

  • Innovative Programs and Services: From the recycle-a-bike program to bike lockers and eco-tours, La Bikery offers a myriad of services that go beyond the conventional bike shop model, aiming to foster a culture of cycling and environmental stewardship.

  • Building on Community and Cooperation: The story of La Bikery is one of collaboration and collective action. By partnering with the city, organizations, and the community at large, La Bikery exemplifies the strength and potential of cooperative efforts in making a lasting social impact.

Join the Ride

Dive deeper into our conversation with Cory Herc and discover how La Bikery Co-op is peddling towards a more inclusive, sustainable, and connected community. Their story is not just about bikes; it’s about the power of cooperative action and the spirit of community that drives positive change. Read the full interview here.

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