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Co-op News for December 20, 2016

News Coast Capital Credit Union is Going Canada Wide In a December 14th special general meeting Coast Capital announced their members voted in favour of becoming a federal credit union. The next step is regulatory approval from a number federal organizations, including the Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation and Federal Minister of Finance. This is [...]

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Co-op News for December 13, 2016

News The Kootenay Co-op Opens New Store The Kootenay Co-op has opened their new Nelson store. When they ran out of space in their old store the Kootenay Co-op made a bold move. They acquired an entire city block in downtown Nelson. The co-op not only tripled their store space, they also build 54 condo [...]

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Bernice Cyr and Judith Harris on Social Services and the Co-op Option

Bernice Cyr and Judith Harris, co-operative researchers and community development leaders, from the University of Winnipeg. Their paper "Social Services and the Co-op Option for Indigenous Communities" outlines a strategy for the effective delivery of social services through the use of social and solidarity co-operatives.

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Co-op News for December 6, 2016

News NewCo-operatives and Mutuals Canada President The Board of Directors for Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada elected Doug Potentier as President and Board Chair. Potentier replaces Ms. Lucie Moncion. Moncion stepped down after she was appointed to the Senate of Canada. Potentier is from Victoria, BC and the representative of Federated Co-operatives Limited. Co-operative Housing [...]

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Co-operatives and Community Development at BCIT

On tonight’s show we hosted the entire class from BCIT’s post-secondary course Co-operatives and Community Development at Vancouver Co-op Radio. The course is part of BCIT’s Advanced Sustainable Business Leadership Program and we learned all about this program from the students, found out about what is driving them to study sustainability, and how co-ops can provide a unique role in sustainable businesses.

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Co-op News for November 29, 2016

News Liberal MP Tables Motion in Support of Co-ops Liberal MP Alexandra Mendès tabled a motion for promotion and support of Canada’s co-operative sector. Its designation is Motion M-100. Mrs. Mendès stated, “My motion calls on the Government of Canada to continue to recognise the important role that co-operatives play in the Canadian economy and [...]

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CWCF 2016 Conference Report (part 2) – Co-op Interviews

We're pleased to bring you a series of interviews from the 25th Anniversary AGM of the Canadian Worker Co-op Federation. Each For All producers Josh Peterman and I attended the conference and asked three questions: - Who are you? - What is your co-op? - What advice would you have for someone wanting to start a co-op like yours?

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Co-op News for November 22, 2016

News Lucie Moncion was sworn in as Senator on November 16th. Moncion was President of the CMC. As a senator she has to step down from this position. She’s been granted permission to finish her work before resigning from the CMC. She steps down. The Second Platform Cooperativism Conference was held in New York last [...]

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CWCF 2016 Conference Report (part 1) + Health Sector Check-In

This year our co-op joined the Canadian Worker Co-op Federation and attended the 25th Anniversary AGM. It was an immense amount of fun and so interesting to meet people from across the country who are following their passions.

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Health Care Sector Check-In with Vanessa Hammond

Host Robin Puga speaks with Vanessa Hammond, Chair of the Health Care Co-operatives Federation of Canada. They discuss what's happening in the Co-op health sector this month.

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