Co-op News For July 16, 2019

//Co-op News For July 16, 2019

Co-op News For July 16, 2019

Parliamentary committee on public safety set to take up Desjardins data breach


The House of Commons public safety and national security committee met this week to discuss data breaches. The meeting came about because of issues from the Desjarden data breach we reported on last month. They discussed how to prevent future breaches and whether new social insurance numbers for those affected would be feasible. 


Desjardins says it will offer access to lawyers and experts, and reimburse them for certain expenses if they incurred as a result of the theft. 


United Farmers of Alberta commits $500K over 5 years to community work


The United Farmers of Alberta co-operative announced on Tuesday that it will commit $500,000 over five years to aid community projects in its network. Groups eligible for funding include registered charities and non-profit organizations, community service co-operatives. Grant applications will be accepted starting this week until Aug. 31 and winners are expected to be announced during Co-operative Week on Oct. 16.

More information can be found at the RCF webpage ( 


Co-ops and Mutuals of Canada is exploring innovations and alliances in Early Learning and Child Care


CMC is leading the research project with key national partners; including the Canadian Child Care Federation and other provincial child care associations. There will be a presentation of the results in an upcoming webinar. There will be a focus on how cooperative day care providers can benefit from the potential of a proposed Canadian Early Learning Child Care (ELCC) Shared Service Alliance.
Webinar dates are Thursday, July 18, 2:00 to 3:00 p.m., or Thursday , July 25, 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. Details on the CMC website and we’ll have a listing on our events page. 


CHFBC honors seniors with their Century of Co-operation Award

In honour of National Seniors’ Day, the CHFBC will be recognizing members of housing co-ops with their Century of Co-operation Award. To qualify, you must be living in a CHF BC member housing co-op, and your age plus the length of time you have lived in co-op housing must add up to 100 years or more. For example, a person who is 80 years old and has lived in co-op housing for 20 years qualifies with an even 100 years. If you know anyone who would be eligible for this award, complete and submit the Century of Co-operation 2019 form by September 14, which you can find on the CHF website, at


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