10Oct 2017

Ryde Community Co-operative

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The Ryde Community Co-operative in rural Ryde, Ontario - it's a beautiful region in the District of Muskoka, pastoral, rolling, dotted with farms, cottages and a history of people working together towards common goals.

10Oct 2017

Co-ops in Schools

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One of the perennial challenges of the cooperative sector is youth engagement. How do you get young people interested in the cooperative movement because after all, it's the youth of today who will help carry the ball forward tomorrow. Last June we profiled the Youth Excellence Society or The YES and how it educates youth through year-round programming and an awesome summer camp!

25Jun 2017

Top Co-op Issues/The Youth Excellence Society

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Darcy Overland, research manager at the Centre for the Study of Co-operatives at the University of Saskatchewan, discusses the results of a co-operative survey on the Top Co-op Issues. Then, we were joined by staff and young folk from The Youth Excellence Society or The YES, for a lively discussion of their leadership programs and summer camps on Lake Cowichan sponsored by credit unions across BC!

25Apr 2017

Affordable Housing Panel – BC Green, BC Liberal, BC NDP

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This evening we hosted a candidate panel on affordable housing. We were hoping for a lively and creative discussion. We were not disappointed.

29Mar 2017

Realize Strategies Coop

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In 1998, some folks in BC's social services sector sought a new way of doing things. So they formed a collective called The United Social Services Co-op. Now, with the name changed to Realize Strategies Coop a new team is collaborating with coops, non-profits and social enterprises to improve life in our communities.

20Mar 2017

Platform Cooperativism with Nathan Schneider and Stephanie Guico

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Each For All host Dale McGladdery explores the world of Platform Cooperativism with Nathan Schneider, one of the organizers on the first conference on Platform Co-ops, and Stephanie Guico, a freelancer and board member of Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada.